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Themes & Sites

  • Website- Independent set of web pages on a single active domain (multiple domains may be assigned, only a single primary domain is used.  This is for SEO purposes)
  • A website utilizes a single theme.
  • A theme is made up of 3 components:
    • Layout
    • Style
    • Menu
  • Themes have columns and locations for portlets.

Below is a screen shot showing the 3 components of a theme.

  • A site can only have one theme!!
  • Each page may have a different number of columns (single, 2, 3, etc ..)
  • Each theme has its own stylesheet that you can create.  A site may override or add CSS style elements.
  • You can easily change the theme of a site.  We have a list of 50+ themes for you to choose from.  If your looking for a theme that is not currently created, as long as we can share that theme with other organizations there is no charge.
  • A theme defines the overall look/feel of the website

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