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James Camire is a dynamic, solutions-driven Senior Technology Executive with over 11 years directing consulting operations, world-class R&D organizations, J2EE Web and software development functions, and multi-platform infrastructure management for premier organizations such as MapQuest, Loral and Johnson and Johnson. Leveraging his talents in web-based development, Java programming, database development, and team management to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. James is an outstanding team-builder and mentor who cultivates a positive work environment, and promotes a spirit of teamwork and idea-sharing to maximize individual contributions and operation performance.

Our Developers.

We wouldn't be a company without our developers. Each one of our developers has unique skill sets, and they all work together to create our powerful software platforms and applications. A lot of people speak Spanish, English, Chinese, Japanese, etc but Jquery, Bootstrap, JSON, Java, CSS, and HTML are our languages. We have Java certified programmers on staff and CSS/HTML experts to make your site customized to meet your specific needs.


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