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IT Playing Role in Digital Transformation

There is no doubt that digital business transformation is a hot topic these days. Digital tools and technologies have profoundly affected the way business is now conducted and those that refuse to adopt them are often left behind. With this shift towards technology, IT teams have become increasingly more involved in strategic business decisions. The modern IT team plays the role of leader and innovator, not just supporter. 

So how do businesses adjust to this new way of life? How do you remain on the cutting-edge when that edge moves every day?

IT as Leaders, Not Supporters

Since technology is at the center of digital transformation, IT employees and their organization must adjust the way they view each other. Companies need to recognize that their IT teams are no longer just support teams, but have evolved to become leaders and innovators. Whether intentionally or not, CEO’s are looking to IT teams to provide a competitive advantage. They are now developing systems and processes that impact customer service, sales, marketing, and business strategies. Because of this shift, organizations must begin involving IT teams in big business decisions because they will end up with a large level of responsibility eventually.

Expanded IT Skillsets

Just as organizations need to embrace the increased involvement of IT teams in business strategies, IT employees must realize that the required skillset has evolved. Companies are hiring IT people that have a certain amount of business acumen, marketing and sales knowledge, and overall intelligence about strategy and goals. They are seeking leaders and innovators, not just nerds. In order to adjust to this new role, IT teams need to participate in additional training and personal growth opportunities.

Culture Change

Organization culture plays a large role in the success of digital business transformation. A culture that allows for risk, innovation, and collaboration fosters maturity in a company. Companies that provide room for mistakes, facilitate ongoing training, and opportunities for departments to collaborate are already way ahead of the rest. Because IT has its roots in every part of business now, creating a team culture is important. The more departments can work, strategize, and fail together the more success they will experience.

Digital business transformation is much easier said than done. There are often intense growing pains that are associated with shifts this large. There can be resistance that sometimes results in painful restructuring. However, many companies have made the digital jump successfully and are thriving with the tools and technology that allow them do business better, faster, and more successfully. 

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