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Magic in the Healthcare Space


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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Mahatma Gandhi.


The wise have spoken, health lies on the fine edge between life and what lies after. And although humans are doing better as a species in terms of life expectancy, our health is not getting any better. A subtle “dichotomy” to say the least that brings up a burning question: how can we improve healthcare to live longer at home, and not lying in a hospital bed. How can CRM, Marketing Automation Software, and similar tools lend a helping hand?


Expenditures Going Through the Ceiling


The fact is, we ought to invest a great deal on efficient diagnostic and curing methods to improve the way we approach urging medical problems. It’s now or never, we ain’t gonna live forever like Bon Jovi reminds us. It’s an inclusive movement to innovate and disrupt the healthcare space. The stakes are high, and so is the promise brought about by technology, specifically tailor-made marketing automation tools.


It is against this backdrop that major players in the field of medical technology are putting more emphasis on quality care to meet an ever-increasing demand for specific services and equipment for specialty care. In fact, in the United States, overall healthcare expenditures have reached 18.3% of the GDP in 2017 according to statistics. This accounts for an all-time high of $3.539 trillion, a little over the GDP of Germany. Like I said, the stakes are very high.


Switching to the pharmaceutical sector, spending for prescription drugs is expected to reach $400 billion by 2020. These numbers are rather telling and greatly incentivize major healthcare providers to do more in terms of getting a good share of the market.



For this, planning an effective means to generating quality healthcare sales leads is paramount. For medical professionals, it’s an important step to achieving higher revenues and securing a good position in the marketplace. B2B lead generation is also essential to reaching such targets, but setting up a campaign that’s designed to attract more buyers is better said than done.


Hurdles On the Way


In fact, there are several hurdles that get in the way of healthcare companies. They include handling big amounts of CRM data and tracking the most important marketing metrics. Unfortunately, on such a scale, excel can only do so much and the results will be archaic and biased by human errors.


In terms of data, or “big data”, econsultancy.com puts forth a surprising statistic: 44% of healthcare organizations would be completely unprepared to use CRM tools in their marketing campaigns.


The KPI (key performance indicators) metrics are not being used to their full potential as well. The same source states that most companies in the industry are facing increasing difficulties in tracking their results. They are often using the wrong metrics to gauge the performances of their digital campaigns. It seems that this inability to achieve better revenues adds to the entanglement of the healthcare space.


Marketing Automation’s Magic


This is where the magic of marketing automation (MA) comes into play. These tools coming in forms of software or simple add-ins are not news in the world of B2B. That being said, they completely disrupted the way healthcare professionals generate their sales leads.



There’s no questioning the benefits of marketing automation to healthcare companies. And although there are those are still reluctant to make use of such a technology, they will eventually give in on account of these reasons:


  • MA allows users to filter out the best leads faster using their owns specifications. This would help them save precious time and resources.

  • To accelerate sales for healthcare using MA, all users need to know is where to concentrate their marketing efforts. MA doesn’t fail to assist in these regards.

  • MA users can shorten the time it takes to qualify a lead and have it ready for an appointment.

  • Multiple channels make MA far-reaching: blog posts to newsletters, social media, you name it.



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