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Security Is Important.

We've designed our database to be secure from the ground up.

Data Integrity.

Our centralized system automatically performs data integrity and cleanup in real time. Email addresses are structurally validated, postal addresses are geographically pin-pointed for verification, phone numbers are scrubbed for consistency, and the data is then cross-referenced through the system to ensure a duplicate record does not already exist. By performing various integrity tests on the data, the system ensures your database is always clean, consistent, and accurate.

Database graphic


Your data is stored beyond multiple firewalls and then encrypted to ensure all your customers' information can never be accessed by hackers. We have a Johnson and Johnson certified data warehouse and can handle sensitive information. 


Safety and Security.

Your companies' websites can be secure at the site level, page level, public or private level or the individual widget level. We left nothing out when it comes to creating security and left the options up to you.

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