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Our Integrated Marketing Management provides companies the ability to create marketing campaigns.

Integrated Marketing.

This robust tool lets your company easily bring new ideas to your customers without the need for third parties. Your company can save time and money with our built-in Integrated Marketing. Your customer database is managed in a secure location with no need to import or export data to and from third parties. We give you all the power. 


Creating email campaigns can be difficult, costly, and time consuming when using inefficient tools. With our system you have the capacity to create complex campaigns that automatically perform ‘next action’ emails. These are based upon the customer’s specific profile attributes built from survey answers, telemarketing responses or customer completed business reply cards.


Our Integrated Marketing System has customer profile management and Opt-Outs in real time.
It's more than just email campaigns:

  • Send information kits that can be a PDF download or directly mailed
  • Build SMS campaigns based on location, unique offers, and customer preferences that have been collected through various methods
  • Track results through our reporting system and see what needs to be adjusted
  • Integrate social media‚Äč

You can produce consumer engagement through these methods to help open up a two-way communication channel. 

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