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Everyone loves learning. Provide the platform for them to do so.


WebCrescendo™3 has a built-in Learning Management System for your company's educational needs. Instead of sending out Power Points quarterly and wondering who actually reads them, create courses with tests and quizzes that update you on your employees' progress.

Customers Love Knowledge.

Create a public-facing site that has user manuals, quizzes, and tests for your customers to learn about a product they are interested in or a product they just bought. Gain an edge by helping customers get more familiar with their new purchase and save time and money with the self-education process.


The Perks.

  • Reducing hard copy materials and shipping cost
  • Eliminating travel expenses related to employee training and bring the classroom online
  • Reporting system that shows employees' progress
  • Staying on top of training materials by being able to update content easily
  • Authorizing users to export courses, its resources, and sample tests to an offline archive for local use without the need for Internet
  • Having centralized control over updating course materials, administration, tracking, recordkeeping and reporting of resources

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