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Enterprise Expertise For Growing Companies In The CBD Industry.


Expertise To Help You Grow

Our team of consultants has been providing growing companies in the cultivation and distribution industry since legalization. Bringing a deep understanding of supply chain, inventory control, and web development our team of consultants and execution specialists have helped organizations in the hemp industry scale.


Operational Compliance

The hemp industry bears a heavy burden of being plagued by ever changing compliance. In many cases organizations are in need of extra compliance help. Our group of consultants specialize in putting technology in place to ensure compliance departments have less to worry about. Our knowledge of state and federal laws surrounding the industry paired with software tools allows companies to focus on the growth of their company.

Centralize Your Management

A fragmented company limits growth. Tracking your data in centralized manner allows full visibility of what is going on within your organization. We know it is possible for all of your departments to talk to each other. There is no need more scattered spreadsheets and printed reports. Our team and tools combined solves the problem of disorganized data. By allowing fluid eCommerce, inventory tracking, COA’s, quotes, and invoices from a singular database allows your teams to operating a max capacity.

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