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We give you the ability to manage users and customers in the same location.


The Customer Profile Management is centrally located within WebCrescendo™3 to seamlessly integrate with reporting interfaces, e-marketing tools, and website services like registration, contact us, and user login. Now you can know which customers are registering, filling out surveys or forms, and interacting on blogs with our sophisticated reporting tools.


Our User Management System empowers administrators to create organizations and groups to help maintain an up-to-date user database that is secure and logical. Our easy to use approval systems allows administrators and users to know what is being created. 


Give Users Authority.

Our User Management System helps specific users work on many different parts of your company's website. You can have one person dedicated to blog posts, someone dedicated to copy updates, another to make sure messaging is consistent, and they all can have different security settings. The Admin can assign multiple people who can approve updates for the forward-facing website or take on the responsibility themselves. We've made it easy for organizations to keep track of their users and what they create.

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