cycle of trust

About Us

Engineering First

SMT is a software engineering first company. Through our combined experience with enterprise-level operations and softwares, we identified that often times business systems were falling short of their functional promises. We also saw a significant lack of architectural design within the process. What does that mean for the lay person? A double-edged sword where you are stuck between massive reinvestment and failing systems at a critical time in your business's operations.

Our developers are all home-grown, mentored, and put through considerable training to become independently productive, and see the world as flexible, reusable, extendable. The team regularly engages in internal training and sharpens their skills through experimentation and tough, but fair feedback loops from technical leadership.

Working with our engineers and project managers, you will find a team of credible, down-to-earth people who value trust and ethics over the bottom line. We focus on delivering an excellent solution and our customer's satisfaction. As a result, we have successfully grown and sustained our organization through three recessions through only organic growth. We are not doing transactional work, and we care about our customers and their success.

Our hiring process is exceedingly selective. We bring on only those with a growth mindset, and a thirst for learning. It is not a simple task to complete SMT's training program as a software engineer. As a result of our culture and investment in our personnel, we have very low turnover in a very volatile industry.

Why Agile?

We are engaged with customers that use our platform, or do not. We have all done a Waterfall project at least once in our careers. We do certainly value the predictive nature of product design early in the discovery stages. We have found that no project is successful without an overall plan. As President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, though, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable". We know that businesses need to be flexible, and that building the full plan for a major investment is not practical and can create wasted costs and delays. We have a highly-engaged process that requires our customers to be involved in all of the major decisions. We do not expect you to be technical, but we do expect you understand your business's needs better than anyone else. We value and respect your experience, and want to deliver the product you need, not the product you thought you needed. Be prepared for a lot of "why" questions to test your assumptions. Together, we will achieve a far better product through engagement and mutual trust.