Welcome to the Web Crescendo Dashboard!

Web Crescendo is a state-of-the-art web management platform built with e-marketing executives in mind. It enables non-technical people to quickly build and modify very robust and complex websites using pluggable widgets at a fraction of the time and cost compared to standard methods.  Web Crescendo offers a full array of products including a User Profile Management System, a Web Management System, a highly targeted Integrated Marketing System, a single repository Consumer Data Warehouse, a Customer Relationship Management System, and a Learning Management System.

Through the dashboard you can easily track and manage your websites from one location. The dashboard shows how many websites, users, and admins you have in your organization. It also provides analytics for individual websites including traffic, unique visits, form submissions, and SEO (search engine optimization) ranking. The dashboard is also where you can see and approve/reject pending approvals for your selected organization.