Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are composed of blasts that go out to users periodically. Each campaign may have an unlimited amount of blasts that are sent as email messages or SMS text messages. A marketing campaign blast is a message that goes out to a targeted set of contacts on a specific instance. The blasts can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later date/time and sent to a filtered list of contacts that the user defines.

Recipients of campaign blasts have the ability to opt-out of your communications by using a link automatically inserted as part of the message's footer, adhering to best practices and regulations from the CAN-SPAM Act. The contact permissions tool allows you to modify opt-in/out information on behalf of these users. Use the tool to search for a user and modify their contact permissions as requested. (Changes made to contact permissions take effect in real time.)

How to Set Up a Marketing Campaign

  1. Click add new campaign in the top right corner of the page
  2. Enter the name and description of the campaign you are setting up
  3. Enter the coordinator (person in charge of the campaign) name and email address
  4. In the operating company name field, enter the name of the company putting on the campaign
  5. Enter the mailing address for the company putting on the campaign
  6. In the footer type field, default is selected for you. if you prefer a custom footer contact silicon mountain to set this up for you. Web Crescendo uses this footer to enable the user an option to "opt out" of receiving email messages. The footer message displays on the bottom of the webpage so that the user can opt out
  7. Click save to add campaign


From the Campaigns tab you can easily add a new campaign or edit campaigns that have already been created. Once a campaign is created, you can create a new campaign blast or to edit the campaign information.

Email Templates

Email templates can be either raw templates, saved versions of previous emails as a starting point for a new message, or form templates, where the design is predefined and administrators can add in limited text or HTML to the email template. Users can create and save their own templates for future utilization. Data source is where the data comes from, like a contact form or survey. Contacts are lists that are filtered down from the data source lists. Data sources are generated through forms, contact us, registration, or other contact information gathering resources. Silicon Mountain Technologies can help you set up additional data sources.

Contact Permissions

From the contact permissions tab you can search for users and choose which marketing campaign they are to receive. Search for the user by entering either their last name, first name, email address, or zip code then click on their name. From this page you can change click on the campaigns they wish to receive. If they want to be unsubscribed from all future communications, uncheck the check box at the bottom of the page to opt-out. Click save or return to search results to abandon changes.


You can run reports on any marketing campaign that shows how many blasts were sent, bounced, opened, unique opened, redirects, unique redirects, and unique user redirects. Choose the campaign, report type, date, and view the report in an HTML or MS Excel file.