You can set up Email Campaigns, to go out to users periodically.  To do so, build and instance of an email campaign each time you want Web Crescendo to send out a specific email.  Web Crescendo picks up Campaign instances that are Approved and sends them automatically the next morning.  For example, if you are emailing users quarterly reports, you would setup one Email Campaign called 'Quarterly Newsletter' and then build 4 instances within that campaign: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  For each instance, you would then add the date you want it to be sent for you.  You will need to set up an "Opt Out" option the allows users to be able to no longer receive that email campaign.  Click here to get started.

Defining the Data Source:

A Data Source defines who will receive your email communication.  For example: the data source could be "Everyone who completed the site's Registration form/portlet", or "Everyone who submitted this Contact Us Portlet".  Notify Silicon Mountain Technologies and they will build a Data Source taylored to your specific needs.

Defining the Data Set:

A Data Set allows you to filter who will receive an instance(s) within an Email Campaign.  For example:  You can set the filters to gather all individuals who are female and have registered over the last 20 days and automatically email specific instance(s) out to them.

Managing Contact Permissions:

Recipients of Email Campaign emails have the ability to opt-out of your communications by using a link automatically inserted as part of the message's footer.  The Contact Permissions tool allows you to modify opt-in/out information on behalf of these users.  Use the tool to search for a user and modify their contact permissions as requested.  (Changes made to Contact Permissions take effect in real time.)

Web Crescendo Reports:

The Reports tool summarizes the total number of instances sent within an email campaign. For example: If you have 25 Email Campaigns you can retrieve a report that summarizes all instances within one single campaign.  Note: You are not able to retrieve a report that combines all Email Campaigns. You have the option of choosing which campaign you want to retrieve reports for along with what type of report you want.  The report covers: Last-Sent date, number of emails addresses the instance(s) was sent to, total number of emails that were successful, total number of emails that were bounced back, total number of emails that were opened  and the total number of redirects that occurred within that instance(s).