Setting up an Email Campaign is rather simple.

  1. Click the + Email Campaign folder
  2. Click + Email Campaign
  3. Enter the Campaign Name and Description
  4. Enter the Coordinator's name and email address
  5. Enter Company Information
  6. Enter the complete mailing addresses
  7. Select the Footer type. (You can contact SMT to make custome changes)
  8. Select Save

Set up an Instance of an Email Campaign

  1. Under Actions, click the +.
  2. Click + to add a new campaign
  3. Enter the required information as well as your text and HTML versions of the message body.  You may send a text-only or HTML-only message by leaving the other field blank.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.  Once saved, you can use the edit and send-text icons to fine-tune your message
  5. Do not set the "Send Approved" flag to "yes" until you are 100% certain the instance is ready to be sent.  The system uses this flag to identify which instances are to be sent. Once it gets set to "Yes" your instance WILL be sent (according to the send date/schedule). Once an Email Campaign instance is sent, and icon displays providing confirming proof at-a-galnce.

Click here to view this video tutorial.