Below are exercises designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of Web Crescendo.  By the time you have completed these exercises, you will have a full understanding on how to use and navigate through the Web Crescendo Command Center.  For Additional help, please visit our help site at

Website, Pages and Portlets

  1. Log into the Web Crescendo Command Center and select the organization you will be editing.
  2. Create a new Web Site
  3. Change your theme. 
  4. Add a new 2-column layout to your site.
  5. Create a piece of content consisting of one picture and associate it to your layout.
  6. Add a new page using the layout you already created.  Give the page your name so you can work independently
  7. Create a content portlet and associate it to the page you just created.
  8. Upload an image from your computer and add it to the piece of content you created
  9. Preview the content on the page
  10. Swap out that image with a different image.
  11. Add a PDF file to your content portlet and have it open in a new tab.
  12. Create a Contact Us Portlet using 5 already created fields.  Add 1 custom field
  13. Add a secondary page to your root page titled “Contact Us.  Utilize the same layout.
  14. Associate the Contact Us Portlet to the secondary page.
  15. Add 3 more fields to the Contact Us Portlet.
  16. Preview and submit data for the Contact Us Portlet
  17. Create a second secondary page titles “Blog” to the root page you created.
  18. Create a Blog with an article and associate it with the Blog Page. 
  19. Preview the article on the page.
  20. Add a new user to your Website.  Give them Admin permissions.
  21. Add the new user as an Admin User to the selected Org.

MetaKeys (Analytics, maps, etc ..)

  1. Navigate to the domains section
  2. Add a new Google Analytics key (use a random key)
  3. Preview the site.
  4. View the source code to verify the key is now in place


  1. Navigate to the Redirects Section under the Web Sites
  2. Add a new redirect
  3. Test the redirect

Data Tools

  1. Navigate to the data tools section of your site
  2. Create a report for the contact us form you created in the exercise above