• A site can have many pages and all URL's for pages are hierarchical.
  • A site can have as many levels of pages as desired but usually you would not want to have more than 3 page levels.
  • There are current;y 3 types of pages.
  • Menu Pages
  • Non-Menu Pages
  • Foot Pages
  • When a page is added, the sitemap portlet and sitmap.xml file are automatically updated.

Below is an example of a page structure for a website.



  • A web page is constructed by using discreet elements or portlets.
  • A portlet can be added to any location or column on the page.
  • We currently have 31 available portlets for you to take advantage of.  Click here to see a list of available portlets.
  • Each portlet can display itself in a variety of ways.
  • You also have the capability to add security levels to each portlet.  You can pick and choose who has access to viewing this page(s).

Below is an example of different types of portlets to use along with locations and columns.