Create a Content Portlet for each content element that will not need to be searched for in the CMS. Place the majority of content into the Content Management System (CMS) so that it is searchable by a user at anytime.  Content (AKA Simple Content) is intended for blurbs or snippets of text that are seemingly useless by themselves.  E.g.  a “Click here to register” graphic/badge, or a “Welcome to our website” tagline.

Quickstream CSS allows you to build content and preview it in the Admin Tool only, not on the website.

1- Article Name: Title of the portlet being created; Helps identify this content in the list of Content Portlets in the Admin tool.
2- Short Description: Provide a short explanation of the portlet you are creating.
3- Content Area: Create your own content using our WYSIWYG tool.  You can paste content from word, upload images, add tables, etc.  When in the WYSIWYG tool, place your cursor over the icon you are not familiar with and a caption will appear with a 1-2 word description.


How to add a Content Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: Content
  2. Select + adjacent to Portlet Actions for Content.  The Contact Portlet screen displays.
  3. Name and describe the item/article you are adding to the website.
  4. Enter your Content in the text box below.
  5. Click Save Info.