The Article Comments Portlet gives you the ability to allow site visitors to add their comments to a page.

1- Comment Group Name: Title of the portlet being created. Helps identify the portlet in the list of Article Comments Portlets in the Admin tool.
2- Description: An explanation of the portlet being created.
3- Comment Group is Moderated: "Yes" indicates a comment will require approval by the administrator in order for it to post.
4- Grant Read Permission To: Determines who is allowed to read comments.
5- Grant Post Permission To: Determines who is allowed to post comments.
6- Grant Admin Permission To: Determines who has administrative rights on approving comments.
7- Registration Portlet: You can require a registration form to be filled out to gain access.
8- Login Portlet: If login is required, only people given a user name and password can login and view/post comments.


How to add a Article Comment Portlet

  1. Select the "Portlets" folder and then the "Article Comments" tab.  A summary of each Article Comment set up thus far will appear.
  2. Select the "+" adjacent to "Portlet Actions for Comment."
  3. Enter a group name and brief description for this comment.
  4. Select your preferences for:
    • Comment Group is Moderated
    • Grant Read Permission to
    • Grant Post Permission to
    • Grant Admin Permission to
    • Registration Portlet
    • Login Portlet
  5. Select the "+" adjacent to "Header Text" and enter header text.
  6. Click the "Save Info" button.