Set up surveys for your users, or surveys for visitors to your website.  This portlet enables you to add questions, free-form text boxes, or drop-down fields (among others).  The Survey Portlet should be used for one-time data collection requests.  "Rate this page" or "How do you like our website" type surveys.  Surveys can be multi-page and present a thorough list of questions to the viewer.  Customize your survey similar to a Contact Us or Registration Facade Portlet.

1- Survey Name: Title of the portlet being created. Helps identify the portlet in the list of Survey Portlets in the Admin tool.
2- Survey Description: Provide a short explanation of the portlet you are creating.
3- Display Results: Allows the results to be viewable to the survey taker immediately after submitting their survey.
4- Horizontal Display:   When set to 'No', the survey questions are listed vertically with a line break between each question.  When set to 'Yes', no line break is added so the survey questions are listed horizontally.
5- Show Line Numbers: By choosing Yes, your questions will be numbered in order.  If you do not want your questions numbered, choose No.
6- Allow Resubmit:   Survey takers can or can not take the survey multiple times.
7- Notify Admin: The administrator will be notified via email after a survey is submitted.
8- Notify Email Address: The email address the results of the survey will be sent to.
9- # of Pages: Allows a survey to be multiple pages if there are too many questions for one page.
10- Survey Response:   This is the response the survey taker recieves after submitting your survey.  (For example:  Thank you for taking our survey!)
11- Header Text 1: Content that appears above the survey on the web page.  This is usually a short explanation of the survey that directs the end-user to take the survey below.  If you have multiple pages you will need a header text and submit label for each page.

1- + Questions: Click in the + icon to add a question to your survey.
2- Question Text: Below this you will find all of the questions you have added to your survey.
3- Field Type: Indicates which answer type you have chosen.
4- Page: Indicates which page of your survey this question falls on.
5- Order: Indicates the order location of that question.
6- Required: Indicates whether or not this question is required.

1- Survey Questions: Enter your question here.
2- Entity Type: Choose which type of answer you would like.  Most commonly used are Radio Buttons, Text Areas, and Check Box.
3- Page Number: This indicates what page this question will appear on.
4- Order Number: Choose the where your survey you want this question to be.
5- Question Active: When set to 'Yes, the question will show up on the survey.  When set to 'No', the question will no appear on the survey.
6- Question Required: When set to 'Yes', it is mandatory that the survey taker answers this question.  When set to 'No', the survey taker does not need to answer this question before submitting the survey.
7- Allow "Other" Responses: When set to 'Yes', An other option will appear as the last answer with a text area.
8- Field Length: Allows you to set a limit on how wide a text field (the input box) is on the survey form.
9- Default Response Some surveys may be targeted towards a specific audience. If you feel that most if not all of the survey takers will answer this question a certain way you can set a default response where the same answer will also appear.  The survey taker does have the capability to change the answer if they choose to.


How to add a Survey Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: Survey.  View a summary of each survey portlet set up thus far.
  2. Select + adjacent to Portlet Actions for Survey
  3. Enter a name for this survey and a brief description
  4. Select your preferences for :
    • Display Results
    • Horizontal Display
    • Show Line Numbers
    • Notify Admin
    • Notify Email Address
    • Number of Pages
  5. In the Survey Response field, enter text you want to display.
  6. Select Save Info.
  7. In the list of Surveys, highlight click the to add/change/delete questions.
  8. Click the + adjacent to Questions for the "survey name" Survey.
  9. Fill out the question being added to the survey.
  10. Select your preferences for
    • Entity Type
    • Page Number
    • Order Number
    • Question Active
    • Question Required
    • Allow "Other" Responses
    • Field Length
    • Default Response
  11. Depending on the entity type chosen, a field will pull up to add the answers to the question.
    • Fill out Option Description (answer to the question
    • Option Value (Used for pulling the results of the survey.
    • Selected (Pre-Select an answer)
    • Line Wrap (Places answers under each other instead of next to each other)
    • Order (Determine the order the answer is in.)
  12. Click Save.