The Article Comments Portlet gives you the ability to allow site visitors to add their comments to a page.

"+" This symbol allows for the creation or modification of portlets on the existing page
This symbol allows for the creation or modification of portlets on a new or exitisting page.
This symbol is used to provide a preview of the current page or portlet.
This symbol provides a list of update dates and the individual who updated that portlet.
This symbol provides the ability to see the all the pages that portlet is currently being displayed on.
This is the DELETE symbol.  All delete actions will prompt the user before the delete occurs.

1- Comment Group Name: Title of the portlet being created. Helps identify the portlet in the list of Article Comments Portlets in the Admin tool.
2- Description: An explanation of the portlet being created.
3- Comment Group is Moderated: "Yes" indicates a comment will require approval by the administrator in order for it to post.
4- Grant Read Permission To: Determines who is allowed to read comments.
5- Grant Post Permission To: Determines who is allowed to post comments.
6- Grant Admin Permission To: Determines who has administrative rights on approving comments.
7- Registration Portlet: You can require a registration form to be filled out to gain access.
8- Login Portlet: If login is required, only people given a user name and password can login and view/post comments.


How to add a Article Comment Portlet

  1. Select the "Portlets" folder and then the "Article Comments" tab.  A summary of each Article Comment set up thus far will appear.
  2. Select the "+" adjacent to "Portlet Actions for Comment."
  3. Enter a group name and brief description for this comment.
  4. Select your preferences for:
    • Comment Group is Moderated
    • Grant Read Permission to
    • Grant Post Permission to
    • Grant Admin Permission to
    • Registration Portlet
    • Login Portlet
  5. Select the "+" adjacent to "Header Text" and enter header text.
  6. Click the "Save Info" button.