This portlet is designed for building lists of Frequently Asked Questions.  The list of FAQ's are presented as anchors or 'jump links' at the top of the page, and the explanation for each entry is displayed below (the list).  Please note:  One entry is one question.

"+" This symbol allows for the creation or modification of portlets on the existing page
This symbol allows for the creation or modification of portlets on a new or exitisting page.
This symbol is used to provide a preview of the current page or portlet.
This symbol provides a list of update dates and the individual who updated that portlet.
This symbol provides the ability to see the all the pages that portlet is currently being displayed on.
This is the DELETE symbol.  All delete actions will prompt the user before the delete occurs.
This simple is used to add or modify sub-elements to an existing portlet.

1- FAQ Name: Title of the portlet being created.  It also acts as the title of the FAQ's list on the web page.  It also helps you identify the portlet you are wanting to work with when searching in the FAQ's Portlet list in the admin tool.
2- Short Description: Provide a short explanation of the portlet you are creating.
3- Notify Email: The email address that viewers of the FAQ's list can send additional questions to.
4- Ask Question Text: A section allows viewers to ask additional question.  For Example: Do you have any additional questions? The viewer clicks on that question and a text box appears for them to add there question and type in their email address.
5- Allow User Input: Allows the end-user to be able to add input while viewing the FAQ's
6- FAQ Header Text: Content that appears above the FAQ's section on the we page.  For Example: Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.  

1- FAQ Title: Question that appears on the FAQ list. 
2- Approved: This question will not appear under the FAQ's list until it is approved by the administrator.  Appears in bullet point format under the Header Text.
3- Order Number: Allows the administrator to order the FAQ questions.  
4- Short Description: A short answer to the frequently asked question.  This is not vied by the end-user.
5- Long Description: A full answer to the frequently asked question.

How to Add a FAQ Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: FAQ's.  The Portlet Actions for Event screen displays.  View each FAQ portlet currently created for this website.
  2. Select + Portlet Actions for FAQ. The FAQ portlet displays.
  3. Enter an identifying name for the FAQ and a description.
  4. Enter the name of the administrator who needs to be notified by Web Crescendo for any FAQ issues.
  5. Enter the Question Text you will allow into the field.
  6. Select whether you would like to give the user input capability.
  7. Enter the text for your Header.  Then clock Save Info and Return to Portlet List.