This capability allows you and your website users to upload files from a computer or mobile device to a website which is hosted by SMT. An email is sent to the recipient(s) and the sender which includes a URL to the website where the files can be downloaded. All files expire 14 days after they are uploaded. Users can upload files up to 2GB.

"+" This symbol allows for the creation or modification of portlets on the existing page
This symbol allows for the creation or modification of portlets on a new or exitisting page.
This symbol is used to provide a preview of the current page or portlet.
This symbol provides a list of update dates and the individual who updated that portlet.
This symbol provides the ability to see the all the pages that portlet is currently being displayed on.
This is the DELETE symbol.  All delete actions will prompt the user before the delete occurs.

File Transfer Portlet Porltet Name: Allows you to search in the library of photo galleries.
Short Description: Provide a short explanation of the portlet you are creating.
File Types: Determine which types of files you will allow to be uploaded.
Max File Size: Gives you the ability to limit the size of files that are uploaded. Maximum size is 2GB.
Max Number of Files: Number of files that can be uploaded at once.
Return Receipt: Choosing "Yes" will email a receipt to the user who uploads files.
Include Comments: Choosing "Yes" will allow the user to add a comment for the recipient.
Include Action Data:  
Email Message: This message that will appear in the body of the email sent to the recipient.
Intro Text: Text that diaplys about the File Transfer Portlet.  See image below. Your text appears below the portlet name.

Sender Email Address: Recipient of the email.
Receipt Email Address: Senders email address.
Comments/Message: If there is a message you have for the recipient of the files, you would type that here.  It will display in the body of the email sent.
Select File: Select the files you want to share with the recipient.
Start Upload: Click this button to upload your files.


This screen shot is the page the sender is taken to after the files are uploaded to SMT's file transfer page.  The content seen above is also the information emails to both the sender and receivers email address.  The sender is able to access the files uploaded by clicking on the link seen on this screen shot.  This pages also informs the sender when the files expire which is 14 days from the date sent.

The screen shot above displays all the files that where uploaded along with the file size, status and the icon which when clicked, downloads the file. 

How to add a File Transfer Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: File Share.  View summary of File Transfers set up thus far.
  2. Select + Adjacent to Portlet Actions
  3. Complete all required fields
  4. Select "Save Info"