Create a Dealer Locator Portlet to allow people to be able to search for company dealers in their area.

1- Portlet Name: Title of the portlet being created.  This name is shown as the title of the Dealer Locator on the web page.  It is also the name that appears in the list of blog portlets in the admin tool.
2- Short Description: Provide a short explaining of the portlet you are creating.
3- Privacy URL: Used to specify a URL to the privacy policy that will govern the handling of information submitted during a visitor's locator search.  The value of the Privacy URL is used when the link to the privacy policy is built in the iew for this portlet.
4- Contact Form URL: Add the URL for a Contact Us form.
5- Display Map: Choose whether or not to show a map with the locations.
6- Radius Search: Determine whether or not the dealer search will search within a certain radius. Note: selecting true will add the radius pulldown and ignore the max # of results entry,
7- Results per Page: Allows you to decide how many dealers you want to show on each page.
8- Minimum # of Results: Determine the minimum number of results that will appear on the page.
9- Maximum # of Results: Determine the maximum number of results that will appear on the page.
10- Max Search Distance (Miles) Allows you to set how far out you want the customer to be able to search.
11- User Fields: Determine what fields the user can fill out to retrieve a dealer in the area being searched.
12- Dealer Types in Search: Used to categorize dealers.
13- Header Text: Content that appears about the dealer locator on the webpage.  This is usually a short explanation of the this portlet directing the end-user on what to do.


How to add a Dealer Locator Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: Dealer Locator
  2. Select + adjacent to Portlet Actions for Dealer Locator.  The Dealer Locator Portlet screen displays.
  3. Name and describe the Dealer Locator you are adding to the website.
  4. Add a Privacy URL and a Contact Form URL if needed.
  5. Select your preferences for:
    • Display Map
    • Radius Search
    • Results per pages
    • Minimum # of Results
    • Maximum # of Results
  6. Enter the Max Search Distance. Note: Set to 0 for no max distance.
  7. Select your preferences for User Fields
  8. Dealer Types in Search?
  9. Add a Header Text
  10. Click Save Info