Build a Map Portlet to enable users to enter their zip code and get a map of a specific area.  Maps are commonly used to display office locations (on a map).  Certain views enable the visitor to get directions to your specified point(s) of interest (your company office).  Create a portlet for each map you add to your website.  Add location points to the map and associate each Map Portlet to its corresponding web page.

1- Map Instance Name: Content that is shown as the title of the map on the web page.  It also  allows you to quickly locate and edit that instance under the Maps Portlet list.
2- Short Description: Provide a short explaining of the portlet you are creating.
3- Map Display Width Allows you to determine the width of the map on your web page.
4- Map Display Height: Allows you to determine the height of the map on your web page
5- Display Address Form: Adding an address form allows you to search for a specific address on the map.
6- Display Zoom Control: Adds a control on the page that allows you to either zoom in or zoom out of the map.
7- Display Map Types: When selected, this option causes three map types (Map, Satellite, Hybrid) to appear on the rendered map.
8- Start Zoom Level: Starts the map at a certain zoom level.  The client can then zoom in or out more depending on whether or not you choose to add a zoom control.
9- Use Best Fit: Sizes the map to show across the whole web page.
10- Header Text: Content that appears above the Map and is normally a short paragraph explaining the map.

1- Location Description: A brief explanation of the location being added.
2- Address: Physical address of the location.
3- City: City the location is in.
4- Zip Code: Postal Zip Code of the location.
5- Show Directions Field: Written content that directs the viewer on how to get to the destination they are searching for. (DOes it show directions on a map to?)
6- Show focus on page load: When selected, causes the information bubble for an address marker to appear on the rendered map.
7- Default Location: There can only be 1 default location that automatically shows when the map is accessed.
8- Address 2: Additional information extending from Address 1.
9- State: State the location is in.
10- Country: Country the location is in.


How to Build a Map Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: Maps.  View summary of each Map Portlet created for this website.
  2. Select + Portlet Actions for Maps.  The Map Portlet screen displays.
  3. Enter the Map Name for this instance with a short description.
  4. Enter the approximate map display width and height.
  5. Enter your preferences for the :
    1. Display Address Form
    2. Display Zoom Control
    3. Display Map Types
  6. Select a number of zoom levels.  The lowest numbers provide the highest level of zoom-zoom.
  7. In the Use Best Fit field, select Yes to xxx and No to xxx.  Web Crescendo does not use a Zoom Level when Best Fit is selected.
  8. To configure portlet, select the + icon on the right side of the page under Actions
  9. Select + Location for the "Name" Map Action
  10. Enter the Location Desc, Address, City, Zip Code, State and Country.
  11. Select if you want to show a directions field and show focus on page load.
  12. Clock Save Location.
  13. Repeat steps 9-12 to add more locations.