The Site Map Portlet assembles each menu and page for you into a site map automatically.  Build this portlet to have the system assemble/refresh menus automatically as you change and update pages.  The Site Map is dynamically generated for the visitor.  It displays the three categories of pages similar to the Site Pages listing in the Command Center admin tool.  The three categories are Menu Pages, Non-Menu Pages, and Footer Pages.  The meta description for each page gets displayed next to the page name.  This visual aid helps your visitors locate the page(s) they are looking for quickly and easily.

1- Site Map Name: Title of the portlet being created.
2- Short Description: A short explaining of the portlet you are creating.
3- Header Text: Content that appears about this portlet on the web page.  This is the title of the Site Map.


How to setup a Site Map Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: Site Map.  View a summary of each Site Map setup for this website.
  2. Select + Portlet Actions for Site Map.
  3. Enter your Site Map name, brief description, and header text.
  4. Select Save Info.