The Email a Friend portlet places an icon on your webpage for "Email this page to a friend".  When the user clicks that link, they are shown a form to complete.  Upon submitting the form, an email is sent to their 'friend' with a link to the webpage invoked.

When you assign the Email a Friend portlet to a page, select the view of the form your users will use.  Some forms display with a comments box, some do not.  You can view each sample as you build the portlet.

1- Portlet Name:   Title of the portlet being created.
2- Short Description: A short explanation of the portlet being created
3- Use Comments: This content appears on the subject line of the email.
4- Email Subject Text: Text that appears in the subject of the email being sent.
5- Form Header Text: The title that appears on the web page.  
6- Response Text: Content sent back to the individual using the Email a Friend portlet. For Example:  Thank you for passing this information on.
7- Email Message Text: Content that appears in the body of the email that's sent to the friend receiving the email.


How to Add an Email a Friend Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: Email a Friend.  View sample forms.  Select one.
  2. Select + adjacent to Portlet Actions for Email_Friend.  The Email_A-Friend portlet screen displays.
  3. Enter an identifying name and short description.
  4. Select Yes or No to include comments in the email message.
  5. Enter the email subject text you want to display with this portlet.
  6. To add header text to the email, select the + next to Form Header Text.
  7. To add your response, select the + adjacent to Response Text.
  8. To ass message text, select the + next to Email message Text.
  9. Clock the Add Portlet button.