The Simple List portlet allows you to implement content and data is list format.  The associated views enable you to set up different kinds of simple lists.  Build a Simple List Portlet to setup a list of images, list of links, or list of tests/paragraphs, etc.

"+" This symbol allows for the creation or modification of portlets on the existing page
This symbol allows for the creation or modification of portlets on a new or exitisting page.
This symbol is used to provide a preview of the current page or portlet.
This symbol provides a list of update dates and the individual who updated that portlet.
This symbol provides the ability to see the all the pages that portlet is currently being displayed on.
This is the DELETE symbol.  All delete actions will prompt the user before the delete occurs.
This symbol is used to add or modify sub-elements to an existing portlet.

1- List Name Title of the portlet being created. 
2- Short Description Provide a short explanation of the portlet you are creating.
3- Header Text The title that appears on the web page for this portlet

1- + Items for the "Name" Simple List Group Click the  icon to create an entry for this list.
2- Item Name This is the title you gave to the entry created for this list

1- Title: Name of the entry being added to the list
2- Display Order: Determine the order this entry will appear in.
3- Use Body Text: Decide whether the content in the list body will be displayed.
4- Open in New Window: By choosing yes, this entry will appear in a new window.
5- Link URL: You have the ability to link this to a different page.
6- Entry Image: Upload an image to this entry.
7- Short Description: Provide a short explaining of the portlet you are creating.
8- List Body  Provide the text that will appear in the body of this entry.  Only use this if the URL is not already provided.

How to setup a Simple List Portlet

  1. Select Portlets: Simple List.  View a summary of each.
  2. Select Portlet Actions for Simple List.  The Add Simple List Portlet displays.
  3. Enter the list name and a brief description, and the Header text you would like to display.
  4. Click Save Info.
  5. Highlight the list; click the + under actions to configure this portlet.
  6. Click + Items for the "name" Simple List Group.
  7. Enter a title; Display order; Use Body Text; Open in New Window.  You can also link to another URL and upload an image.
  8. Add a short description and List Body.
  9. Click Save Link.
  10. To view, click on the magnify glass icon.