Use the Registration portlet to collect user profile information that is used to define user login data.  Any website requiring username/password login needs to use this portlet. The registration form can be customized very much the same way as a Contact Us Poertlet is.  Add data-collection fields to your form and assign them using page# and order# to your registration process.  Not: Registrations can be multiple pages in length (not just a single-page form).

1- Portlet Name: Title of the portlet being created.  It allows you to quickly locate and edit it under the list of Registration Portlets.
2- Short Description: A brief explanation to remind yourself about the information of this portlet.
3- Email Subject Text: Content you want to appear on the subject line of the email that's sent to the individual registering.
4- Notify Admin: Choose whether or not you want the administrator to be notified when an individual registers.
5- Required Admin Approval: Choose whether or not the administrator needs to approve the individual registering before they have access to the information they are registering for.
6- # of Pages: Determine how many pages you want the registration form to be.  
7- Collection Statement: Used to specify the privacy policy that governs the collection of data for the contact form.  It's usually just brief legalese that covers the pertinent privacy points.  A visitor has to indicate agreement in order to submit the form.
8- Opt-In/Consent Statement: Content giving permission to the company to contact that person.   A visitor has to indicate agreement in order to submit the form.  For Example:  I understand that "Company Name" may contact me with more information about its products and services.  
9- Form Response Text: Content that shows up for the individual to see after they submit their form.  For example: Thank you for Registering with our company.
10- Email Message Text: A message that appears in the body of the email that is sent back to the individual who is restering.

1- Profile Data Field Name: Information that the individual registering can fill out.
2- Required: Choose whether or not this information is required to be filled out before submitting the form.
3- Order: Determine what order you want these fields to fall in.
4- Page: If you decided that this registration form has multiple pages, you can choose which page you want that field to fall on.


How to Setup a Registration Portlet.

  1. Select Portlets: Registration.  View a summary of each Registration Portlet
  2. Select + adjacent to Portlet Actions for Registration.  Add a new Registration Portlet displays.
  3. Enter the identifying name for this portlet and a brief description.
  4. Enter the subject text you would like to display in the email.
  5. Select your preferences in the Notify Admin and Require Approval fields.
  6. Select the number of pages for the registration.
  7. Select + Collection Statement.  Enter the message you want to display.  Note: This step is optional.
  8. Select + Opt-In Consent Statement if you want the user to consent to marketing messages.  Enter the message you want to display.  Note: This step is optional.
  9. Select + Form Response Text.  Enter text.
  10. Select + Email Message Text.  Enter text.
  11. Select Save Portlet.
  12. Then, configure your registration portlet.
  13. Locate the portlet in the portlet list and select the .
  14. Choose which fields will be on your form.  
  15. Select if that field is required, it's order and the page it will be on.
  16. Click Assign Fields.