Portlets are the individual components of a web page.  Portlets can be used and reused when creating websites, making it faster and easier to create and update websites.  You can use the portlets that you create on one or more web pages and one or more websites.  You can use portlets for content, RSS feeds (syndicated information feeds), images, forms, surveys, and more.  Assign a portlet to the website page where you want it to display.  Web Crescendo distributes each portlet automatically to the global organizational level enabling portlets to be visible on each website you build.

Some portlets are thought of as facade portlets.  When you set up a facade portlet, you are actually configuring it on 2 levels.  On one level is the front or facade.  The other layer contains the internal layer.  For Contact Us, Registration, and Survey Portlets, the front level is the form you create for visitors to complete.  The second level includes the fields you are putting on the form such as a check box of products, name, email address, etc.

Click here for a list of available portlets.