The Contact Us Portlet is a data collection tool.  The portlet enable you to create a form that collects information from website visitors. (Users must fill-in and submit the data in order for it to be collected).  The form fields are customizable allowing you to collect information that is relevant to your viewing audience.  (Link here to definition of a Façade portlet) (Link here to Contact Us Data Tool)

How to add a Contact Us Portlet

1. Select the Organization that needs the Contact Us form.

2.Select Portlets: Contact us

3. Click the +

4. Enter information into each field as appropriate. Then click Save Info.

  • Use the Display Profile Information field to enable anyone to view your Contact Us setup.
  • Use the Email Address field to identify the individual who will receive the contact message.
  • Use the Contact Response field to submit a message you enter to the client.
  • Use the Contact Header to display a title over the Contact Us form.

5. See the Contact Us in the list of Portlets

6.To make your Contact Us selections, find the portlet in the list. Then click .

7. Enter Profile Data for each field, then click Assign Fields.

Click here to view this video tutorial.

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