Associate a Portlet with a Page

  1. Under Web Sites select Pages
  2. Highlight the page you want to place the portlet in, and under Actions select 

  1. Click the + at the top left of the page.
  2. Select the Portlet type
  3. Select the Portler Name
  4. Select the Display Description
  5. Select the display column
  6. Determine the order of the Portlet
  7. Select the permission type of users for this portlet: Public, Registered, or Site Administrator.
  8. Select Add Module
  9. To view the portlet, from the Pages, select the Preview icon of the page where you assigned the portlet to.
  10. To quickly edit the a potlet that had been associated, select the "Edit this Portlet" button.

Click here to view this video tutorial.

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