How to Build an Email Campaign.

  1. From Email Campaigns, select the sub-folder Email Campaigns.
  2. Click + at the top of the page. The Email Campaigns screen displays.
  3. Enter the Name and Description of the campaign you are setting up.
  4. Enter the Coordinator’s (person in charge of the campaign) Name and Email Address.
  5. In the Operating Company Name, enter the name and address of the company putting on the campaign.
  6. In the Footer Type field, Default is selected for you. If you prefer a custom footer contact Silicon Mtn to set this up for you. WebCrescendo uses this footer to enable the user an option to “Opt Out” of receiving email messages. The Footer Message displays on the bottom of the webpage so that the user can opt out.
  7. Click Save add this Email Campaign to the list of campaigns.
  8. Next, build your campaign, locate the Campaign you set up, and select the Notepad 
  9. Click the + adjacent to the name of the Campaign. Now create one instance (issue of an email message). You can have many instances for one email campaign. In this example, we are creating only one instance.
  10. Name the email message that will be sent as part of this campaign.
  11. In the Affiliated Website field, identify the website this instance is affiliated with.  In the Data Set field, filters for sorting one email campaign from others (data sets) are created for you Silicon Mtn Technologies will provide multiple filters to choose from .  Ask SMT to complete this field for you.
  12. Select your preference for Duplicate email messages sent automatically.
  13. Select Yes in the Recurring field to send out an email instance each day until the designated Termination date.
  14. In the Ready to Send field, we recommend selecting No until you are 100% ready to have WebCrescendo generate and send this instance of this Email Campaign.
  15. Identify a Send On date by clicking in the field to display a calendar.
  16. In the Email’s From Address field, enter the email address that will display in the user’s Inbox.
  17. In the Reply To Address field, enter the email address where a user’s reply will be sent. This can be different than the “ From” address.

Click here to view this video tutorial.