Solutions For Your Industry

Inventory Management

VisiTouch offers a simplified inventory management process for non-barcoded product typically placed in a static inventory locations. Our vision system technology allows our clients to utilize pictures of products and screen taps for for replenishment, reordering and tracking. While originally designed for the complex supply chain of orthopedic implants, this technology can be utilized in virtually any industry. Ease of use is a critical component that makes the VisiTouch platform such a valuable tool for our clients. Offline mobile capability, handheld scanners and a simple easy to use interface are just a few of the features that ensure VisiTouch will be widely adopted in your organization.

Web Crescendo

Web Crescendo 3 is a modern, shared services platform that enables rapid deployment of web-based applications and websites. The system is architected and designed based on data-first principles, focusing on the value for the customer. Web Crescendo enables website developers and software engineers to build on a proven, tested platform focused on scalability, performance, and reliability. The road map for Web Crescendo 4 is in the works. We are looking at opportunities to open source the product and partner with user-centric design experts to build a flexible and reliable application to benefit our peer engineers.

Web Crescendo was born as the backbone for a Fortune 50 Healthcare's web-based applications and has evolved with its growing set of customers. We continue to have the application subject to quarterly security stands and the code has hardened over the past fifteen years.

Intelligent Irrigation

Irri-Curb is a large scale, commercial solution focused on data-driven water management. The system leverages sensor data to analyze the soil conditions and make systematic decisions to optimize the growth conditions without wasted resources. Using recycled materials, Irri-Curb has made it possible to build vertical farms or manage irrigation systems above ground, making maintenance activities simple and modular.