What Can We Do For You?

Custom Software Engineering

Our team is primarily focused on delivering on reliable, scalable solutions for you and your company. We recognize that software investment needs to be continuous in the ever-changing world, and are focused on building your solution in an environment that mitigates many of those costs, sharing them across multiple customers. Worried about your data? Worried about competitors? No problem, our system is built on security principles that prevent any overlap of your solution with another customer. Furthermore, we make no claim to your data, it's yours. Maybe you are frustrated by other software development firms, maybe you are being held hostage by a contractor. We have heard it all before. We are providing a service that enables you to be effective and make smart decisions for your future. Make first contact with our team today to get started!

Technical Leadership

Some of our customers have made an investment in their own technology, and their own people, but have no way to validate their effectiveness, or feel confident that their business needs are heard. Additionally, sometimes the process of software engineering seems fraught with failure and is hard to understand. SMT's experienced senior staff works with customers to identify the current process and provide, through change management techniques, effective feedback and translation from technical teams to business leaders. You cannot be an expert in everything, let us help you gain confidence or adjust to necessary change to be successful.

Managed Staffing

What strategies and tactics do you have to effectively hire a consulting firm, let alone a software engineer of your own? SMT has a team of seasoned software engineers that have felt the rigors of a mature software delivery process. We have a history of our team jumping in during times of distress and in times of growth to quickly provide benefit. We all have heard of the mythical man month, you cannot just put anyone in a role and expect success. We have the skills and people to reduce your risk when evaluating talent. We also have programs where excellent matches can become permanent.

Solutions Architecture

We are a team that is interested in solving the biggest of problems. Yes, we have a solution in our pocket that makes things easier and cheaper for us to produce, but we are not fully dependent on it to solve your problems. We have extensive experience with building the right solution architecture, from design to implementation and integration. Your systems should talk to each other for you. It takes planning and experience to make the right buying decisions. Would you build your forever home without an architectural plan? Neither would we. Contact us so we can learn about your specific set of problems. Often times we do not charge for virtual discovery sessions.